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New Plans

I have a couple of announcements to make. First, I haven't been able to produce anything substantial this week because I've had a severe respiratory bug that's kept me out of commission since Monday. If the Doctor's correct I should be up and rolling again in the next couple of days. Second, I'm going to be making some changes to the content of this blog. When I started most of my other projects had been lying fallow for months. Now three of them have picked up at once, all of which require that I learn specifically for them. This is great, it's exciting, it means that I have to choose between them, the blog, and sleep.

Rather than drop the blog completely I'm going to be writing about what I learn as I'm working on each of these projects, right now the things in my queue are:

I've enjoyed working on learning new languages and sharing the projects as I've gone, and would like to continue to do so. So I intend to, either at a much slower schedule or intermittently as I have time, continue to do the new language project. I'd be interested in feedback from any current readers for what they'd like to see.

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